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    Welcome to Websadroit’s world class educational institution management portal. It lets owners and administrators of schools and other educational institutes to manage the essential functions they need in order to operate. It is ideally suited as an online platform.

  • Program Details

    In this section, schools and tutorial class providers looking for a best online platform for any type of exam, can prominently display detailed information about the programs they offer.

  • Course details

    Not all courses are programs and individual courses often are components of a larger educational program. With our web app you can now manage them all, from supplying potential students about relevant details to managing student rolls.

  • Student Admission Forms

    Don’t you really think that the long arduous process of students having to fill out long, cumbersome forms are at best- a forgotten past. We think so too, and accordingly our web app allows students to fill up all forms necessary for their enrolment online and sign up for your courses and programs.

  • Student Login

    It would be a great injustice if we forget to take into account the young minds who are at the CenterStage of all learning- the students. We haven’t, and have accordingly created a students section where students can login and get access to the resources they need to excel in their studies!

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